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Career Technical Education

CTE Pathways at DPHS
Dos Palos High School offers 9 career pathways in 5 different industry sectors. 
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • Agricultural Mechanics
    • Agriscience
    • Animal Science
    • Ornamental Horticulture
  • Building & Construction Trades
    • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Business & Finance
    • Business Management
    • Financial Services
  •   Health Sciences & Medical Technology
    • Patient Care
  • Transportation
    • Structural Repair and Refinishing
CTE Goals
1.  To provide students the opportunity to identify career interests.
2.  To incorporate new and emerging skills needed to perform tasks proficiently at current industry standards.
3.  To provide each student with the understanding and knowledge that ethical behavior and workplace skills are integral to successful employment.
CTSO's & Clubs
* Skills USA
* Virtual Enterprise Int'l