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Computer Accounting

Computer Accounting is highly recommended for all students interested in majoring in Business Administration in college as well as those who are interested in becoming secretaries, bookkeepers, bank employees, clerical workers, auditors, accountants, salespersons, and/or managers. The class covers the double entry accounting system for recording the financial transactions of a business.​

This course satisfies an A-G (G) elective credit.

Computer Accounting is articulated with Merced College 

Accounting 31 (QuickBooks) - 2 units

Accounting 51 - 4 units

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Business Office Professional I/II

Students enrolled in Business Office Professional I/II will practice office skills learned in business classes taught on-campus, as well as acquiring new business skills.  Students will combine classroom activities and placement in a local business office for additional training.  Students are placed in medical offices, insurance companies, legal offices, financial institutions and in general office settings for on-the-job training.  All students will complete an Employability Portfolio.  Students will be placed at a worksite four days a week and will attend an on-campus class once a week.

Business Office Professional is articulated with Merced College

AOM 50A - 3 units

AOM 50B - 3 units

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Virtual Enterprise International

Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that is set up and run by students.With the guidance of a teacher (“consultant”) and real-world business partners, the students determine the nature of their business, its products and services, its management and structure, and engage in the daily operations of running a business.The Virtual Enterprise Program links students in a global business network.Emphasis is placed on using current business software, communications, and the Internet for business transactions.

This course satisfies an A-G (G) elective credit.

Virtual Enterprise is articulated with Merced College

BUS 10 - 3 units

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